Restructure your human resource and hiring process

The HR mobile app helps managing daily employee logs quite easy. This is a perfect solution for auto generating the time sheet reports based on current or historical employee data. The solution comprises of several features to improve operational efficiency.


Timesheet Management

Timesheet is an integral part of any Human Resource management solution:

  • Monitor employee attendance and login time
  • Calculate total working hours
  • Auto generates reports

Leave Management

An absolute help for Human Resource team:

  • Apply for leaves right from smartphones
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the company leaves scenario
  • Records of leaves applied, approved, and rejected.



Mobile HR Solutions to Engage and Empower the Workforce

Corporate governance demands unwavering support to run their business seamlessly. Currently, a majority of enterprises are using mobile HR solutions in managing their human resource tasks because it provides complete solution to acquire talent, train and onboard, streamline work process, etc.

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Employee Lookup

Advanced filters help in searching for an employee easily from the directory:

  • Search by name, designation, department etc.
  • Report and analyze employee statistics
  • Update employee information quickly

Expense Reporting

HRM solutions quickly automate entire expense reimbursement process:

  • Track weekly, monthly, quarterly expenses
  • Generate expense report and email it
  • View status of each expense submitted

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Document Management

In Human Resource management solutions, document management includes:

  • Manage all employee/applicants documents
  • Convert documents to PDF with save and print option
  • Export doc data to other applications


Helps in overseeing absenteeism and the associated costs:

  • Biometric/swipe card device integration
  • Monitor absence, overtime, late coming, early going
  • Enforce attendance policies consistently

Recruitment Solution

This feature helps in intelligent applicant tracking:

  • Quickly locate, track, and manage best applicants
  • Track key candidates at each stage
  • Interview scheduling feature

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