Build your business solution faster with MBaaS

Turn your ideas into reality with our MBaaS powered apps for the enterprises. To gain ample opportunities in today’s world where the usage of smartphones is rising exponentially, enterprises need to leverage MBaaS for a superior and smooth business experience.

MBaaS applications let you understand your client contextually, making it easier to solve all your customer’s queries. Our enterprise MBaaS helps businesses to focus on frontend (UI/UX) development by leaving all their backend function queries to us. We can help enterprises in developing custom MBaaS for the ultimate mobility solution. Get rid of all the complexities of launching and managing an enterprise app infrastructure for your business.

“By 2016, 80% of mobile applications will leverage cloud backend as a service.”- Gartner

Why MBaaS is essential for the enterprises:

  • It provides cloud-based storage space for all your information.
  • The Automatic Restful API gives read/write access to the stored information.
  • It allows integration with customer’s data and the businesses can start generating access to information in real-time.
  • It gives businesses user management facilities.
  • A rich engaging in-app experience with low maintenance cost.
  • Faster apps development (40-60% faster development) saves huge time and cost. This will help businesses to gain competitive advantage.
  • Easily manage the complex backend functions using our MBaaS powered mobility solution.
  • It helps enterprises with IoT enabled applications with faster data processing in real-time.
  • It powers businesses with better in-app analytics, enterprise-grade integration, and social integration facility.




Enterprise Mobility Solutions – Enterprise Operations on the Move!

Making enterprises completely mobile is no new idea! It has started already and is now searching for its new dimensions. Enterprises have already embraced it with open arms and started employing it everywhere possible- realizing its positive effect on their growth.

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Key features of our MBaaS:

Enterprises require MBaaS development and services to embrace security and scalability at first place. Following are listed key features of our MBaaS solution that will take enterprise mobility to a whole new level of interaction, engagement, and better experience for both business and the customers.


Mobile application management

Get access to numerous information sets and efficiently manage your application- assign or block users with functionalities. Take the entire business control in your hands and start managing enterprise activities smoothly without any inconvenience.

Open standard for authorization

Get connected with your clients through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Also, extra native integration with the social platforms is possible. Get any desired app integrated with your system to boost business performance.

Search functionality

Get the search functionality across the stored data. It is useful to get higher order search functionality to empower search capability in your application for running and managing all your customers’ queries straightaway from your mobile app.

Mobile Analytics

MBaaS powers businesses with the capability to get analytics in two channels. 1. Client interaction, which helps to fine tune the application for better UI. 2. Service analytics that provides insights about the performance of the service so that businesses can focus on the key areas with definite directions.


Data visualization plays a central role in enhancing customer experience; let’s put all the information on mobile through visuals. It allows access to the backend stored information, which empowers advancement process in a speedy manner for the release of early versions.

Native notification

Easily notify all your clients/customers about the fact that data has been changed in the backend data store. It allows businesses to easily push information to the right people at the right time with a single API. This helps you give your customers the full access to all the capabilities in your app.

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