Work on Your Documents Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device

With a mobile document management solution, you can increase employee productivity by giving employees the ability to access and work on documents from multiple devices and whenever needed.

  • Real-time collaboration in real-time
  • Quicker decision making
  • Eliminates all your document chaos
  • Connects to Intranet, CRMs and ERPs
  • Helps in giving real-time feedback to concerned people
  • Better collaboration with team mates and other employees
Features for our Mobile Document Management Solutions


Digital Annotation

Give your employees the ability to make digital annotations on their work documents. They can easily collect and store detailed notes on the documents through annotation, collaboration, and indexing system for documents, images, and supporting PDFs. PDF documents can be made into visually appealing data-rich documents.


Secure Storage

The document management solutions can be implemented either on the cloud or integrated with the company’s existing on-premises IT infrastructure. In the cloud option, the documents are stored on the industry leading cloud platforms which are dispersed in diverse data centers for performance, security and redundancy.


File Delivery

The documents can be accessed anytime and anywhere by the authorized users. With automated backup systems and restore capabilities, the files are always available. Sharing files with your co-workers is also easy and quick with the share feature.



5 Potential Benefits of Mobile Document Management

A document management system can raise the bar on work efficiency and accuracy of a firm to its maximum. Mobile document management system offers much more than what a desktop application can offer.

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Group and user control

Managers can create groups and control who sees what data and files. The system can be setup for both the assigner and the assignee to receive push notifications based on their activity. Vital information can be protected against unauthorized users and access with built-in security features such as passcodes and device encryption.


Offline Access

The documents can be accessible even when the device is in offline mode. Users can make changes to the documents and upload them to the cloud or enterprise server later. Data syncing makes it easy to edit, annotate and then update the file in both the database and the user device.


Device Management

Device management can also be integrated into mobile document management systems and help business managers and the IT staffs maintain control of the devices in the company. This includes data wipes, locking files, content and protecting information from unwanted sources. The policy can be implemented for both corporate-owned devices and in BYOD settings.

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Additional Features



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