While the quick adoption of mobile devices is really unprecedented, creating a reliable, secure, robust, and performance-focused IT infrastructure is vital for enterprises.

Our engineers understand that design and architecture lie at the core of mobility engineering. We have specialization in enterprise mobility deployment, UI / UX design, mobility frameworks, enterprise architecture, mobile security, and quality assurance, which help enterprises go beyond the traditional enterprise solutions approach and system boundaries. Our goal is to make your business mobile enabled and allow you to be more efficient, increase productivity, reduce the cost and improve ROI.

Our mobile engineering services include

Consulting on mobile technologies for your organization

Mobility assessments for custom solutions

Mobility solution architecting

Mobile process definition and refinements

Enterprise integration using REST and SOAP

Cloud consulting services

Mobile application testing

Implementation support



Mobile Device Management Solution

We have built a mobile device management system called Yamana, Sanskrit word for managing. The concept is that enterprises can deploy this solution to ensure that the company’s employees use their mobile devices within the bounds of corporate policies.

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  • Enterprise Mobile Strategy

    Enterprise Mobile Strategy

    • What are the business drivers for your enterprise mobility initiatives?
    • Is it going to be internal targeted or external customer facing application or both?
    • Mobile Hardware and Platform support.
    • Select the right framework – mobile native application, mobile web application or hybrid app
    • Mobile web services for mobility
    • Mobile data security & deployment
    • Mobile device management

  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    • Analyze your need for application development
    • Decide your platform and target audience
    • Create your idea of the application requirement
    • Launch on app stores
    • Lay the development of your ideas
    • Test to ensure the best intentions are delivered to audience
    • Design the base for technical architecture with wireframes and designs

  • Server Engineering

    Server Engineering

    • Design, deploy and maintain system servers
    • Keep a track of technical issues and troubleshooting matters
    • Manage and control multiple environments
    • Provide analysis of performance and track the usage
    • Research and maintain system documentation
    • Accommodate technological changes and adapt services accordingly

  • Managed Mobility

    Managed Mobility

    • Provides an efficient mobility management strategy to increase outcomes
    • Comprehensive solution to control and manage all mobile devices as well as mobile apps
    • Incorporates Mobile Enterprise App Platform (MEAP) for developing enterprise grade apps
    • Data synchronization feature to allow mobile devices to connect to back-end database
    • High level of security to mobile devices and the information within
    • Life cycle approach to device management
    • Mobile Device Management


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