We offer a portfolio of tools and services for a wide range of industries to go mobile and automate their mobile workforce processes. Our developers and product engineers have an extensive experience and expertise in providing the sophisticated enterprise mobility solutions which will radically improve the efficiency, bring agility into your business process, and ultimately increase ROI.


Mobile Fleet Management Solution

  • Find the closest vehicles for urgent dispatch
  • View jobs and customer information on a map or in a list form
  • Update job status changes in real-time
  • Report vehicle problems and maintenance issues
  • Locate and view the status of vehicles
  • Emergency alerts for intelligent business decisions
  • iOS
  • Location Services

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Driver-Centric Mobile App for Better Fleet Management

We built a driver-centric mobile app that facilitates effective fleet management by enabling companies to get information on truck routes, contact details, and locate a maintenance vendor within a specified radius.



Mobile Field Service Management

Our mobility solution for field service automation provides the field workers with the appropriate information and knowledge at the service location which enables faster communication and turnaround times. The iPad app features real-time insight, resource allocation, easy task scheduling and work order management. The app has the ability to locate the staff in the field and allow individuals to assign and update call status on-the-go which leads to increased productivity and performance.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • CMS
  • Location Services
  • ERP integration

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Case Study

Enterprise App Store Management

We built an enterprise app store for a leading manufacturing company for an efficient and streamlined app management. The app store alleviates system reliability issues and supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy without compromising security of the whole infrastructure.



Modernize and Manage Office Efficiently

  • Manage a workplace in a smarter and faster way
  • Keep an eye on each and every activity inside your office
  • Book the meeting room directly from a smartphone
  • Accurate analytics and predictive intelligence on office occupancy
  • Live display on the tablet mounted on the meeting room’s door
  • iOS
  • Beacons and sensors

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Smart Occupancy Solution

  • Predictive heat map for future occupancy patterns
  • Know the peak hours for each room by hour
  • Optimize space utilization with advanced analytics
  • Real-time notification of any new BYOD device on the floor
  • Graphs of CO2 levels to keep track of air quality
  • Optimize asset utilization by identifying the bookings
  • iOS
  • Beacons and sensors

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Mobile On-Board Diagnostics

  • An advanced tool to identify vehicle issues in real-time
  • Read engine and vehicle diagnostic codes
  • Monitor the performance of a vehicle
  • Export trouble codes at the time of incident
  • Alerts driver to problems and wear his vehicle
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

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Travel and Expense Report Management Solutions

The solution makes business travel much easier as it eliminates tedious paperwork and allows employees to capture and submit their expense reports, and ensures an efficient workflow. We built an app with rich and intuitive features that provides employees with greater levels of flexibility and allows them to create, edit, and submit reports even when offline. The admin user can view the receipts and approve or reject expense reports quickly, which enables companies to analyze the spending, speed up the reimbursement process and find opportunities to control costs.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Camera
  • DMS

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