Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Mobility is driving innovation across healthcare by improving not only the user (be it patient or doctor) experience but also overall quality of care, access to important information, patient safety and clinician efficiency to treat more patients cost-effectively. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of healthcare and can work with you in providing innovative solutions or building applications that integrate with your existing systems.


Patient Engagement Solution

  • View important healthcare related data points from a single place
  • 360-degree view of the patient’s progress through recovery
  • View medication schedule and physical activities
  • Track progress through symptoms, recovery, and medication history
  • Monitor the patient’s condition through questions and answers
  • Increased efficiency and time saving
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Amazon

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Remote Patient Monitoring App

  • A robust solution to take care of seniors remotely
  • Smart watch integration
  • Automatic fall detection with GPS location
  • Safe zone for dementia patients
  • Real-time notifications for caregiver
  • Direct 911 calls with GPS Location
  • Emergency contacts & address
  • iOS
  • Location Services

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Healthcare Document Management Solution

  • A unified platform to capture and process any type of document
  • Improve medical information access
  • Automate information-intensive processes
  • Real-time access to patient information and important documents
  • Eliminates the paper-based, time consuming processes
  • Faster, more efficient and reliable patient outcomes
  • iOS
  • Azure Cloud

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Mobile App for Notifying a Nurse

We built a mobile app for the windows tablets that are provided to the patients which enables them to call or send a message to the nurse. For calling purposes the Windows tablet interacts with the Cisco components provided to the caregivers. The solution not only improves the communication between patients and caretaker, but also improves patient satisfaction. The improved communication helps nursing staff to better prioritize their workflow and provide the best possible patient care.

  • Windows 10
  • Push Notification

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