The educational system of a country defines the quality of its citizens and this is why is the new technologies are accepted quickly. Mobility solutions and new techniques not only make the learning process interesting but also improve educational opportunity. Softweb has designed a variety of learning apps and built mobility solutions for online classroom management and learning management.


The Self-Learning Tool for Kids

  • Perfect for kids ages 1 to 7
  • Designed for self-learning
  • Free illustrated and photographed books
  • Professional voice-overs recorded which can be turned off
  • Download new books to the app
  • iOS
  • CRM

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Educational iPad App for Medical Practitioners


The educational iPad App assists medical education professionals to thoroughly understand the pathways of the human nervous system. Users can select clinical signs from the affected body parts to view pathways and a list of localizations. This viable academic tool features high quality, realistic images of the nervous system through which students can explore neuroanatomy from a basic to an advanced level in 3D with just finger swipe.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Integrated with Cloud

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Assignment organizer and tracking app

  • Enter all the assignments through an intuitive interface
  • Prioritize and organize the assignments
  • Set reminders for each homework
  • Get notified when an assignment is due
  • Showing entire class schedule through the timetable
  • iOS
  • Integrated with Cloud

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