Energy & Utilities

Mobility solutions enable the energy and utilities sectors to increase the productivity significantly and operate efficiently. The complexity in the workforce management, transportation, fuel and raw material handling, field service management is expected to grow substantially due to rising global demand for energy. Softweb Solutions provides you with ready to implement solutions that give you immediate access to business critical information and increase efficiencies in operations.


IoT Solution to make buildings energy efficient

  • Heat and motion tracking sensors
  • Reduce power consumption through analysis of real-time data
  • Predictive analytics to extend building management systems
  • Optimize equipment for energy reduction
  • Reduce energy consumption substantially
  • Improve the overall efficiency of a building
  • iOS
  • Integrated with Cloud

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Hydrological Data Analysis App

The IoT based solution that enables monitoring of Hydrological data in real-time from mobile devices. The mobile app communicates with sensors located in various locations such as rivers, dams, farms, oceans, coasts, and facilitates real-time remote monitoring of Hydro-Met/Oceanic data.

  • iOS
  • PhoneGap

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IoT Based Smart Building Solution to Reduce Energy and Operational Costs

This white paper talks about the growing pressures faced by commercial buildings, while also debunking the myth that a Building Automation System is reserved for the biggest of companies with humungous budgets.

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Field Service Management

  • Easy task scheduling and work order management
  • Hands-on service related information
  • Instant notifications of generated work order
  • Track the complete service history of an asset
  • Optimize the routes to cut fuel and travel costs
  • Locate technicians on the map
  • Real-time visibility into service operations
  • iOS
  • Location Services

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