Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries and embracing mobility will help you remain one step ahead of the competition. Softweb Solutions can provide tailor-made mobility solutions for improving construction project management and workforce productivity, and build smart apps that provide your potential customers with the ability to view detailed real estate information on the go.


Real Estate Lease Management App

  • An excellent tool for effective lease management and tracking
  • Single repository for all property and lease related information
  • Increase efficiency in lease executions
  • Quick snapshots of maintenance requests
  • Track lease records
  • Eliminate unnecessary lease payments
  • Automated alerts, notifications, and reminders
  • iOS
  • Integrated with Cloud
  • CMS

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Complete Property Management Solution for CentrePoint Properties

We upgraded our client’s existing real-estate app that gives its employees the ability to carry out the formalities of the move-in and move-out process right from her iPad. Users can now check the development details of the company’s properties such as total value of the land, size, rate per acre and address.



Real Estate Portfolio Management App

The integrated real estate management app centralizes all real estate portfolio information so that real estate managers can view every aspect of their portfolio, including the detailed information about all the properties, square footage and other building information, ownership details, maintenance history, accounting and budget information. Its data intelligence and analytics capability helps the businesses make better management decisions and reduce costs.

  • iOS
  • Integrated with Cloud

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