Beacon-enabled mobile app for ShopperTrak

Remote patient monitoring system to improve healthcare

Created an iPad catalog app to showcase Bosch’s GoTo products

A mobile application for asset tracking and management

Our client is a global leader in data management services and creates platforms for businesses to manage and monitor their assets more efficiently. They were looking for a mobile solution that would enable their clients to remotely manage, measure and track assets. Softweb developed mobile applications that help in remote asset management and tracking, facilitate predictive maintenance and huge cost savings.

A mobile app for leased vehicles & auction information

EMKAY is one of the top ten vehicle financing and fleet management solutions providers in the fleet industry across North America. They needed an effective mobile solution to facilitate in proficiently managing their fleet resources. Softweb Solutions created a customized mobile phone application that helps users to search leased vehicles with an auction house or VIN number, get real-time notifications on particular vehicle auctions and add auctions to the favorite list.

Remote patient monitoring app for senior citizens

Better Alerts possesses 20+ years of experience in the medical alert industry and their mission is to develop applications based on up-to-the-minute technology. They wanted a dynamic mobile solution that can help in taking care of senior citizens from remote places. Softweb developed a cross-platform mobile app with features such as fall detection, step counting, alerts and report management, and Dementia fence and Pebble watch integration.

Developed iPad application for product management

Altra Industrial Motion is a renowned designer, manufacturer, and vendor of mechanical power transmission products. They wanted a mobile solution for their sales team, help them showcase all the products along with product specifications and marketing collaterals. Softweb developed a customized iPad catalog app that allows the sales team to display as well as share product details effortlessly. Also, the customers can locate the nearest dealer and get the latest news from the company.

Created an iPad catalog app to showcase Bosch’s GoTo products

Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies, who wanted to integrate their complete GoTo product line in an interactive format for their vendors to easily search and find information about popular Rexroth products faster. Softweb developed an iPad app that not only served as an online catalog but also offered their vendors a feature-rich digital archive tool that makes the order process seamless.

Developed a beacon-based mobile app for retailers

ShopperTrak is the global leader in customer insights, providing intelligence solutions to retailers to count and benchmark their store footfall. They wanted a mobile solution that would help their clients to increase traffic, conversion, and transaction size. Softweb created a mobile app that contains portable tracking and an event management SDK, which interacts with the beacons installed at multiple locations in the mall and sends personalized offers to shoppers to improve the in-store shopping experience.

A digital product catalog application for the iPad

Molex is a leading manufacturer of electronic interconnectors with an extensive product range of electronic products. They wanted to develop a marketing tool to help their marketing representatives to better present their products. Softweb provided Molex with an iPad marketing application which can also be accessed remotely and in offline mode to support their marketing team in creating effective presentations that improve sales.

Traffic radar detector mobile application for drivers

Cobra Electronics Corporation is a manufacturer of consumer electronics products that needed a mobile application that can be connected with its radar detectors and send information to drivers in a comprehensible manner. Softweb developed an iPhone application that offers visual alerts of real-time traffic, easy navigation to the destination and has a car finder feature in order to find the car in crowded parking areas. The app is also able to access Cobra’s AURA database which helps it perform even more accurately.

Track physical activity with an Android mobile app

Walkingspree helps companies to control health care costs by offering physical activity programs and they required a mobile app that synchronizes with various activity tracking devices to help their customers and promote a healthy lifestyle. Softweb developed the Android app with inbuilt calculators that measures calorie consumption and burning of users’ calories. With the help of this app users can set daily step goals and track their progress with activity statistical graphs.

Field service mobile application for enterprise users

Cummins Allison is a global leader in providing currency counters, check-deposits, casino ticket processing, and sorter and scanner solution to their clients. They needed an iPad app to seamlessly collaborate with leading banks and casinos for counting and sorting money. Softweb delivered an iPad app that enables their staff members to stay connected with their co-workers and customers at all times, get real-time insights, assign and update call status on-the-move, gives access to resources and more.

Track vehicle performance with OBD II diagnostic mobile app

Wells Vehicle Electronics wanted to have an advanced car diagnostic mobile app that will enable a non-technical user to understand OBD trouble codes and take preventive measures. Softweb developed a mobile app that monitors engine data and communicates with the OBD-II Bluetooth dongle connected to a vehicle and explains any trouble code’s meaning and shows the probable causes. It saves a lot of time by exporting the trouble codes at the time of the incident in order to resolve the issue quickly.

Mobile app for real-time environmental hydrological monitoring

Sutron Corporation is a leader in providing real-time remote monitoring of Hydro-Met/Oceanic control systems and stations. Softweb Solutions created web and mobile based solutions that automated the communication process to collect data from remote or inaccessible points and transmit them for monitoring. This application has easy to use UI that offers optimal experience and also improved remote measurement and operations for Sutron.