Softweb Solutions is a leading smart applications development services provider, specializing in building smarter apps using artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, cognitive APIs, and a cloud infrastructure to support users to proactively perform tasks and make the right decisions.

Our smart app developers are capable of building applications that include chatbots, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation that fuels highly personalized user experience. With the help of innovative apps with advanced analytical capabilities for mobile, desktop, and tablet your business can perform better and stay ahead of the competition.

Some of the characteristics of smart apps

  • Useful in identifying the users’ context and preferences and predicts their needs.
  • Makes use of AI for decision making by differentiating between relevant and irrelevant information.
  • Helps users proactively with contextually relevant information.
  • Delivers the best personalized results in real-time by processing a huge amount of data.
  • Continuously adapts and learns from the end user interactions and generates more value.

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Softweb’s smart apps services can help various industries


With the help of smart applications, doctors can provide quick and accurate diagnostic results, eliminate human error & relieve themselves from repetitive time-consuming tasks. Also, the intelligent apps allow physicians to assist patients from remote locations and similarly help patients in adding their data recurrently.


In manufacturing, a smart application can manage the entire product lifecycle with seamless collaboration, workflow and gather data from various sources. Using the historic data, the app efficiently identifies problem patterns and reduces product defects in the production process to boost quality and cut costs.


The smart apps in the agriculture sector gives updates on status of temperature, soil, weather, light and more. With the help of historic agricultural data the app can also provide planting recommendations, crop and field specific agronomic information, and up-to-date alerts on pest and disease risks.


The smart applications offer the pharmaceutical industry the real opportunity to do drug discovery and R&D. The innovative features of smart apps can help in drug making based on biological markers, with more accuracy, instead of following the scattergun approach of chemical screening.


The airline industry can eliminate the manual, day-to-day paper-based processes and manage the entire fleet of engineers using smart apps. With this technology, your fleet can avail up-to-date information on airline project status, inventory status, equipment location, stock availability in the nearest warehouse and more.

Media & Entertainment

For entertainment companies, smart apps offer complete information about the real-time foot traffic at their events and help in taking necessary steps for maximum occupancy. The entertainment agency can also visualize how many people have entered and exited the venue at any given time.

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Softweb Solutions Inc. is a Chicago based software development company specializing in enterprise software and mobility solutions. The company also works with Fortune 100 companies and startups on emerging tech trends such as the Internet of Things and Wearables among others. With clients in every industry, Softweb provides consulting, development and support services to numerous clients worldwide.